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Path of Development - Jane Atkinson has been helping speakers catapult their careers for more than 20 years. She started as an agent representing speakers and when several of them quickly went from 0 to 80 engagements per year, she became known as an influencer in the speaking industry.

With that kind of rep, she landed a VP spot with International Speakers Bureau in Dallas, where she represented several celebrities, best-selling authors and business experts and learned. For the past 10 years, Jane has run Speaker Launcher.

Common rookie mistake for new speakers - Lack of positioning. Marketing yourself as an expert in multiple categories.(Ex. leadership, team-building, time management, conflict resolution, goal setting, etc.)

Business advice – While everyone has a story, not every story is sellable (in the speaking business). Package your speech or a version of your story in a way that people will pay for.

Get Jane’s book – The Wealthy Speaker and The Wealthy Speaker 2.0.

How to be a triple threat in your business – 1) Hone and sharpen  platform skills; 2) marketing skills; 3) sales skills.

Transition from full time job to be a speaker? Carve out designated time to work on the new business; transition gradually, give yourself a three-year window.

What contributed the most to her success – mindset and relationships. Several years ago, a coach challenged her to write down the specifics of her ideal life. That exercise alone was transformational.

Immediate action steps (If she were starting over from square one tomorrow) – 1) Pick a lane (be very clear on what you want to be known for); 2) Develop targeted marketing and informational materials; 3) Create a website using strong language; 4) Build a solid foundation upon which to grow.

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