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On the show today is podcast and commercial voice over artist, Rye Taylor. In addition to doing some incredible magic acts when it comes to voice, creativity, and sharing the best part of a message, he is also the host of Take Action Q & A. I love how he does his show - he brings in the movers and shakers of business, picks their brain, and has them answer one specific question from a listener, follower, or fan.

As he likes to say, " Solving the world's problems in 10 minutes or less", his show is one of the fastest ways to get a quick audio education that I know of.

Rye's Backstory >>> Let's just say that being a pastor, was a generational vocation - he was a pastor, as was his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. He knew that world well and had the graduate level education to back it up.

He was serving as senior pastor when he made the decision to step away from traditional "pastor's work" and explore the entrepreneurial side.

Here's why - The lion's share of the people he was ministering to weren't that interested in vision casting, pushing the limits, or striving for more. All of which were his specialities. 

Frankly, as he talks about on the show, they were content where they were. And that OK, for them. However, for him to grow, serve, and "minister" in a way that was truly honoring to all (even God), he had to do his own thing.

Had he stayed in the familiar small church setting, he could have missed-out on true opportunity for ministry. 

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