ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

Author and podcast host Kirsten Ross launched her business as a single parent about ten years ago and has been a catalyst for helping companies motivate their employees getting buy-in for the long-term vision. She has two great books out Defeat the Drama and From People Problems to Productivity. She’s been all over the media like NBC Nightly News and NPR. She also hosts her own show - Defeat the Drama

Kirsten's backstory >>> She had been called a failure and a sham for so many years, for her own self defense and survival, she she would shrink and make herself smaller and smaller. Emotionally wounded, but persistent in spirit, she did what a lot of moms and wives often do, she tried to fix what was beyond repair. 

Her ideas and energy started to flow once she shifted her focus from repair mode to creation mode - specifically, creating a business and a home that would support her faith and family

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