ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

Many of us self-help and personal growth junkies have read books or listened to programs in which the creators ask us to imagine or write-out what we want our ideal life to look like. It's a great approach for some and no doubt, can be very revealing. However, for today's guest, it was a different framework that caught her interest and gave her the clarity for what to do next. 

She focused her attention and her intention on how she wanted to feel each and every day.  Beyond business metrics, to-do lists, and conference calls, what she really wanted to experience was - peace and calm. Accountability coach, productivity strategist, and host of Live your Life Now and Get the right (bleep) Done, Liz Brazier joins us on this very practical show to share how she walked away from twenty-plus years in IT sales in the corporate world, to experience a life of her own making. 

Book recommendation:

The Fire Starter Sessions by @DanielleLaPorte 

Liz shares Productivity Tips and Techniques that will help you:

Track your time for 3 full days and gain clarity on where you waste your time.

Web tool: Focus at will -

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