ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

While he may not have appreciated it at the time, those early-morning wake-up calls by his football-coach dad, were setting him up for something big - a six-figure income in his own business, by the time he was 18 and the creation of a $50 million business, by age 27.

DO NOT read this book! STUDY IT!!! – The Compound Effect

Publisher of Success magazine, New York Times bestselling author of The Compound Effect, husband, and humanitarian, Darren Hardy, joins us on the show.

In this two-part podcast series, he talks about, among other things –  mentors, success routines, habits, momentum, media exposure, marriage, and of course, the magic of the compound effect.

Here are some of the questions Darren expands upon:

  • How do you define the Compound Effect?
  • Why did you write The Compound Effect? And why now?
  • You talk about how significant success stems from very small changes. How does that work?
  • In the book, you mention that consistency is critical for the Compound Effect – how so? Talk about consistency as related to habits and building momentum.
  • You discuss the power of establishing success routines. Talk to us about why that is important and what are some of your routines?

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