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On the show, this guy is one of the most versatile, talented and funniest entertainers I’ve ever seen.His wit, humor, and genius has dazzled audiences in all the familiar hot spots - Showtime, HBO, the White House, and the famous Apollo Theatre. The performer has shared stages with Aretha Franklin and James Brown. He’s also joined Jennifer Aniston and Dana Carvey on the big screen. Originally one of my first guests (years ago), comedian, actor, humanitarian, and philanthropist, James Stephens III, joins us on the show.

James’ backstory >>> (Academically trained as an attorney, funny man James Stephens III had to follow his passion to create a better way for at-risk students.)

Comparing his early years to a scene from the hit movie "The Blind Side", he was born the youngest of seven children, adopted out around the age of 8 and raised by a loving family, outside of his race.

Through the spiritual and emotional blend of God’s grace and his parents’ loving embrace, he not only made it through secondary school but went on to attend Georgetown University, earned his law degree and then went on to clerk for three years.

With an impressive educational pedigree in the background and a bright law career in the foreground, today's guest chose to walk away from the legal world to follow his heart and live out who he truly is: an entertainer.

By trusting his own intuition and gifts, James achieved notoriety and has appeared on a number of television shows and comedy specials, which included performances at the White House, the famous Apollo Theatre and Carnegie Hall.

While success on the stage didn't happen overnight, God’s hands were at work in the comedian's life; revealing, something bigger than he could ever imagine.  

By harnessing his talents on stage and being true to his passions for entertainment, ministry and kids, he aligned himself with the greater need of at-risk students. The James Stephens III Foundation has contributed more than $500,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors.

By following his VOICE, James is able to speak into the lives of millions of people; millions he would have missed, had he settled for the corner office.

Follow James on Facebook, check out his You Tube and donate to the James Stephens III Foundation.

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