ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities


Entrenched in a worn-out plan, he did what was expected - he went from high school, to college, to corporate, to misery. And, like you and me, the sparks that filled his dreams and kept him awake during his teen years, flickered in his twenties, smoldered in his thirties, and were all but forgotten by the time he reached his 40th birthday. 

Bruce 's bestselling book - You Can Go  the Distance 

Miserable by the life he was watching go by, he was battered by many of life's punches - two bankruptcies, a spousal mental meltdown, and cancer. As he explains on the show, for him, a good day was "a day I could get through". Bestselling author, life coach, speaker, and Marathon runner, Bruce Van Horn joins us on the show today to share three solid action-steps for taking control of your healthsanity, and life

Three game-changer books in Bruce's Recovery - The War of Art,  Man's Search for Meaning, and The Alchemist.


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