ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

They were both disenchanted educators. Nicole knew she was on the passion-absent safe path and Omar understood that he could be easily replaced. One of the frustrations she felt was that she couldn't see herself as anything other than a teacher. For him, his creativity was held captive.

As they both felt boxed-in, they ended-up quitting at the same time - eager to stretch their legs and chase their entrepreneurial dream. Hosts of People Who Know their Sh*t, the teacher-turned-entrepreneur duo of Omar Zenhom and Nicole Baldinu join us on the show to share their hopeful message that there is life after teaching. 

One of the reasons Pei and I are excited to have them on is because they have found another application for their training, experience, and passion. Don't get me wrong, they're still in the teaching, empowering, and equipping business, they're just doing it now on their terms - whenever, wherever, and with whomever  they choose. In a nutshell - Business Republic (Omar and Nicole) help bootstrapping entrepreneurs build viable and profitable businesses they can be proud of.

One other thing about these two, they are launching another podcast, The $100 MBA, which will feature fast, no-fluff, 10 minute business lessons. 

Follow Omar and Nicole, on TwitterFacebook, and through their podcast - People Who Know their Sh*t. 

Need a real business education without the debt, commute, and annoying professors? Link arms with Nicole and Omar and get an MBA education for only $100. 

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