ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

With a lifelong dream of being a comedian and an actress, she moved to Los Angeles when her daughter was only two. Understanding the urge and the importance of being available for her family, she created a business that gave her the flexibility to work from home. With self-study in a field that was very distant to her, she became an in-demand political consultant and ended-up wearing that all-consuming hat for eight years. On the show, she explains that she "hated every minute".  She even developed what she refers to as "resentment lumps". However, as you'll hear in her voice, she was more in love with her dream. Comedy actress, voice-over goddess, and co-host of the Angriest Trainer Podcast, Anna Vocino, joins us on the show to share the hopeful advice and lessons that kept her in the game.

If you're new to Anna, she has an amazing ability of finding comedy in the chaos, which is a good thing because her husband and teenager still live at home. 

Ideas Anna shares

  • Personal and professional growth is an incremental process;
  • Understanding why things happen, takes time;
  • Lighten up. 

Best advice Anna received during her ReLaunch! 

Stick around long enough and they'll have to hire you. 

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