ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

Host of "My Midlife Sucks", Lori Dean joins us on the show to share four ideas and a handful of tips that can help us revive our mid-life champion.

Path of Development: Lori was working at a non-profit organization when she got a surprising call to be a radio host. Since that pivotal moment in time, she has become quite the broadcast media veteran - having logged hundreds of hours as a morning show co-host and producer, as well as a creator and host of music and interview shows.

ReLaunch! revival tips:

  • Feel the excitement in your body and allow your imagination to run wild.
  • Understand what you are supposed to be doing. Ask "Wouldn't this be a great way to live if____" Then gently push away from the ego's voice of "not possible";
  • The relative safety of the comfort zone is all an illusion;
  • There will be ups and downs; accept wherever you are and know it's going to pass.

What also helped:

  • Instead of waiting for retirement to do the unexpected and courageous, Lori and her husband sold their home and traveled for two years;
  • She learned to adapt, be curious, and expect a miracle;
  • Lori made meditation and daily intentions, a priority;
  • She learned how to take herself lightly and to surround herself with fun-loving people.

A book that influenced her greatly: Reframe your blame - how to be personally accountable.

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