ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

Many authors have spoken about the importance of forgiveness and the act of forgiving others, regardless of the injustice or crime committed. And, while the concept makes sense in our head, it often gets lost somewhere before it gets to the heart. Our guest, writer, speaker, and courage-crafter, Di Riseborough, has put together the blueprint for helping us know what to do to make the connection. 

If this is where you are, try this book - Forgiveness: How to let go when it still hurts

Di's backstory >>> Frankly, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have shown the same strength of character that she did. She was on the recovering end of her grandmother's murder; a murder by a family member.

Getting by the best she could, she finally realized, that she had never allowed herself to fully grieve the loss. Her breakthrough came through a live event she attended. For one of the first times in her life, she dropped her defenses and allowed others to see her cry

As you might imagine, for her, it opened wide the floodgates of awareness,, understanding,  and, believe it or not, opportunity. 

Three AHA! moments Di shares

  • She was worth more than what other people expected of her.
  • No matter what she does, there will always be judgement.
  • Peace is the way to happiness.

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