ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

When he was just 21 years old, he started a business with his brother Scott, which they built to over $20 million in annual revenue. Since that time, he has developed over 500 sales managers globally, with sales and leadership in 37 countries. Author, speaker, and incredible storyteller, Ty Bennett,  joins us on the show to share a key idea for how to stop fear paralysis. He also talks about how to handle naysayers.

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Read these books by Ty - The Power of Influence and The Power of Storytelling 

Ty's backstory >>> Although he experienced financial success relatively early in his professional life, like many entrepreneurs, there remained a tug within his spirit; the thought that there is more to life than business and P and L sheets. When he made the decision to shift his role to focus on a speaking career, even the mentor who helped him build his earlier business warned him and flat-out told him "no".

While Ty knew firsthand the benefits of seeking and following wise counsel, he also knew the stirrings of his heart and value of his message. He also knew, that to live up to his own potential, he had to make a way to share it.

 Four rock-solid ideas Ty expands on

  • If you entertain fear, fear will entertain you.
  • If you've never had a naysayer, you haven't pushed your own envelop.
  • Action is the antidote to fear.
  • Mastermind with people who are a step or two ahead of you. 

Ty's recommended read - Start with Why by Simon Sinek

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