ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

She was about halfway done writing her book proposal when three compounding events turned her world upside down - her father passed away after a short, two-month fight with cancer, her mom went into a coma, and on Christmas Eve, her now ex-husband, let her know that he had he lost all their money and was leaving her for a stripper. Seriously??? A stripper??? Forced to sell her home, she was broadsided by the choices someone else made and had no choice but to ReLaunch! out of necessity and survival. Humorist and author Lee Gaitan joins us on the show to share how she made it through a midlife tragedy and found humor in the mess she was thrust into.

Need a laugh? Get Lee's book, My Pineapples went to Houston, and find humor in plans gone outrageously awry.

 Two of the AHA! moments Lee shares

  • She realized that pushing through the book writing process would help her find hope and healing (she learned the value of vulnerability);
  • Recovery and rebuilding happens moment by moment. 

Her ReLaunch! advice

  •  Ask for help - Some that you think will come to help won't; others you think would never come, will. 

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