ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

The decisions that drove her life were based on knee-jerk reactions, obligations, and, to a certain extent, the urgencies of other people. And, while she did the best with what she knew, and what other people expected of her, as she explains on the show, she felt like a fraud.

Even when physical complications started to creep in, she would either pretend that they didn't exist, or dismiss them as minor symptoms. While she knew she needed to make changes in her life and career for a long time, the heart failure (as you can imagine) got her full attention. As Kelly Orchard, author of Heart Lessons, shares, "My heart crisis changed my heart. I got another chance."

On the show Kelly shares the valuable lessons she learned of surrender and being present, and gives three action steps for living in, what she likes to call, 3D

Best advice Kelly received during her ReLaunch!

  • Awareness is the beginning of change;
  • Be patient with yourself. 

How to live life in 3D

  • Detective - Who were you when you were playing as a child? (In Kelly's case, she was a dancer and a writer);
  • Define - Come up with a list of ways of how you can do this ;
  • Determine that you are going to do this.

If she could give advice to her younger self

  • Don't worry;
  • Enjoy the journey. 

Heart Lessons 

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