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He spent 30 years in the sport's trenches - covering everything from minor league tryouts to world championship games. Using his own creativity and flair,during that time, he had developed an incredible knack  for distilling some of the most memorable moments in sports, into short, bite-sized, TV-time nuggets. To his credit, his on-screen presence and ability to communicate and connect, has earned him an incredible 15 Emmy awards.

Daunted by the "overwhelm" of trying to write a book or put together a meaty presentation,  Joe, our guest, was challenged in his writing. He was fluid in his ability to tell it quickly, however, expanding, elaborating, packing in more punch, that would take a new set of skills. As Joe explains on the show - "Chop wood one day at a time."

Sports anchor for KTPS in Minneapolis, and media veteran, Joe Schmit joins us on the show to share ideas, tips, and insight for up-and-coming authors, speakers, and relaunch artists. 

One of the biggest lessons he's learned in his career and the foundation for his incredible book - "Silent Impact"

We make the biggest impressions when we are not trying to be impressive.

Get Joe's book - Silent Impact: Stories of influence through purpose, persistence, and passion

Skills he learned and developed

  • How to connect with the audience;
  • How to pace himself;
  • How and when to blend in humor.

The advice that took away the book writing "overwhelm" for Joe

Write one story at a time. 

Joe's best advice for new and up-and-coming speakers

Every time you go onstage, be sure and show your heart.

Tips for ReLaunch! artists

  • Don't get caught-up in the destination
  • Learn and enjoy the journey. 

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