ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

He wrestled with God for three years over this gut-wrenching decision - to step-away from the tremendously successful company (not just any company, Dave Ramsey's company) he helped to build, so he could create one of his own. Then, after many meetings, much prayer, and tears shed by him and his high-profile boss, he followed the pull that was tugging at his spirit to do what he knew was right. He left. 

As one of its key leaders since pretty much day one, he played an incredible role in helping Dave Ramsey become the household name and topic of Bible-study conversations that he is today. Among the many game-changing projects he led while at the Lampo Group, was  the incredible growth and development of their staple live event product - Total Money Makeover Live. He grew it from a well-attended banquet hall of 1,600, to a stadium full of 11,000 people per event.

Entrepreneurial and leadership expert Chris Locurto joins us on the show to share why he left Ramsey, his fears in doing so, and how he found immediate success before he was even out the door. 

Chris' greatest fear in leaving

What if I fail? What if people don't like me anymore?

A blessing that caught him completely off-guard! 

As he was saying his final good-byes, actually still in the Financial Peace building, he earned his first client; completely reinforcing his ReLaunch! decision. 

An A-HA! moment Chris shares on the show

Business is what you do. It doesn't define who you are. Don't miss like along the way. 

Make sure your business  changes lives and is bigger than you are. 

If he could time-travel back and give advice to little Chris

Understand... It's not about you. 

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