ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

If you not familiar with Sarah yet, she is the lady who can help you find the right time and the right steps, to build a profitable business around your lifestyle. Sarah, founder of Happy Entrepreneur magazine, believes, that through smart business ownership, women are able to experience a freedom in their lives that no other career can offer. Beginning her career as a nurse, she knew it was a stable job, yet she wanted more - more for herself, and more from herself. And, while well-meaning friends, family members, and mentors would give her advice and ideas, it simply wasn't something she could take ownership of. She had to be true to who she really was - not who other people said or wanted her to be. As she explains on the show, getting connected with her own authenticity didn't happen overnight. It fact it got worse (anxiety and medication) before it got better. However, over time, it empowered her to chart and stay the course for her own financial, emotional, and spiritual wholeness. 

A common mistake

Like a lot of responsible moms, for a period of time, she tricked herself into believing,  “I can’t enjoy anything until…”

Here's a book that was very helpful - The Power of Now.

Sarah's turning point

In her words - she got tired of feeling crappy, overwhelmed, and unable to be in her own skin.

Here's what powered her ReLaunch! 

  • Learning to listen to herself;
  • Meditation;
  • Attending live events and conferences.

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