ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

As a mother of three, she knew her responsibilities and what needed to be done. And, while she had worked up from a very rough start (a poor choice at 18 that landed her in the federal pen), she found herself swimming in a sea of sameness, and not getting anywhere new. Determined to do what was best for her and those that depended on her, she was plagued with at least two questions - Is this the right thing? and is it too late? Bestselling author, Lucinda Cross, joins us on the show to share the answers she found and three, pivotal, ReLaunch! action steps that will power your takeoff.

Since her ReLaunch!, she has been on-fire to inspire, encourage, and uplift women; to teach them how to learn from their experience, tap into their gifts, greatness, and how to build a business that makes a difference to them and to others.

The Spiritual and Emotional Trigger that set her in motion

Her attitude - Lucinda changed how she showed up, both inside and out.

Two of her take-home reads - The Road to Redemption and Corporate Mom Dropouts

Three A-HA! Observations she shares

  • I am the permission that I need, I don’t need permission from anyone else;
  • The sun doesn’t ask permission to shine today, it does what it does;
  • You have an obligation to yourself to create the life you want.

Best advice she received during her Relaunch! 

Be realistic how long it might take to be successful. It is a journey, not a sprint.

Solid ReLaunch! actions steps 

  1. Start to network right away.
  2. Look for a mentor/coach.
  3. Read a book a week.

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Complimentary Resource on Lucinda's site

40 Ways to Market Like A Celebrity Without Compromising Your Brand or Your Body

The Road to Redemption and Corporate Mom Dropouts


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