ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

In his own words, he was "backed in a corner". He had racked-up $400,000 worth of debt and his creditors, including the IRS, were expecting payment. With that kind of tab to pay, he knew that a standard 9-to-5 job wouldn't make much of a dent in his liabilities.  And,  he also knew that it would take a lot more than a side job with low wages to dig out from the hole in which he found himself. It would take a powerful blend of five ingredients - passion, determination, talent, self discipline, and faith. America's Career Coach, Dan Miller joins us on the show to share  common career mistakes in the new economy and insight for beginning again. The book that started it all, 48 Days to the Work you Love is phenomenal.

Key tips and ideas Dan shares 

  • Success can work to our detriment if it makes us comfortable where we are;
  • "Someday I will be all set," is an illusion;
  • We ought to ReLaunch! purposefully, multiple times over the course of our lives;
  • I stay in partnership with my body. It' the first thing that tells me something is out of whack.

Want to be a coach? 

One of the best training and learning opportunities I know of - Coaching with Excellence with Dan and Joanne.

Best advice he received during his ReLaunch! 

It's never to late for a new beginning.

Some of Dan's favorite reads - The Compound EffectBecome a Person of InfluenceDavid and Goliath, and Decisive.

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