ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

He became tangled in his own parachute.

I can hardly imagine the experience - Plummeting to the ground at breakneck  speed, only to realize, in a very sobering shock, that you're tangled among ropes and nylon, armed with nothing more than your own resourcefulness. Amidst the free-falling  confusion, came a very clarifying revelation - No one is coming to save me. If I'm going to survive it is completely up to me.  The lesson he learned in the air, instilled in him a confidence that transferred well into the business world. After a layoff, he took his career by the reins  and has guided and steered it ever since. Professional speaker, social media consultant, and author of “Twitter For Skeptics”, Don Power joins us  on the show and shares his ideas for putting fear in its place.

How do you postpone fear?

Realize it's rooted in future-based unlikeliness, not present-based opportunities. Don says - Everything is fine NOW; at this very moment.

How do you avoid fear in a voluntary or involuntary career transition?

  • Build your network before you need it;
  • Start planting relational seeds now.

Get an MBA in Twitter mastery. Pick up Don's book - Twitter for Skeptics.

His Corporate Layoff Lesson

Because of the relationships he established on the front-end, he was in a great place from which to grow back his livelihood.

Don's complimentary downloadable gift -Check out the first chapter to see if it's a good fit for you and your social media strategy.

Follow  Don on Twitter and Facebook.

Don's complimentary downloadable gift - Check out the first chapter of his book to see if it's a good fit for you and your social media strategy. 

Follow  Don on Twitter and Facebook.

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