ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

While she had found professional "success", the thrill had evaporated, leaving her sandwiched between should I and could I. In her own words - “I was at the end of my rope. Part of me was dying". As she candidly explains on the show, her tendency to procrastinate, which kept her hung up for five years. "I didn't believe I had what it takes." Eventually, she did take action on her ideas. As a result, within three weeks, a book was written that would ReLaunch!her career, opportunities, and possibilities. America's Productivity Coach Michelle Prince joins in to share  key ingredients that made her dreams come true.

One of the hardest parts of Michelle's Transition

Shifting from selling other people's products to selling herself

Michelle's A-HA! moment of Activation

"I put my dream as priority."

What she Learned

If you don’t put yourself out there, you can’t help anyone.

Recommended Relaunch! reads that were helpful for Michelle - The Power of Positive Thinking and See you at the Top.

Complimentary audio from Michelle on Productivity

Michelle's books -Winning in Life Now and Busy being Busy.

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