ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

In a ReLaunch! himself, today's guest nailed it - Don't replicate. Reinvent. 

Expanding on the idea, he talks about how reinvention (his codeword for ReLaunch!) doesn't have to be reserved for a momentous occasion, it can be the result of small, incremental, daily decisions. Open to his own changing personal dynamics, beliefs and expectations, he realized that the key to a successful second-half blastoff is to unlearn what's no longer helpful and to replace it with what works now. Bestselling author and world-class speaker, the amazing Mark Sanborn, joins us to share a handful of his best ideas, tips, and A-HAs.

Refocus - Reinvent - ReLaunch!

  • Don't be too rigid with your goals;
  • Stay open to opportunities and relationships;
  • Start trying things. "You have more fun splashing in the water than sitting on the shore."

Great book recommendation from Mark - Halftime: Moving from success to significance by Bob Buford.

Unbelievable reading materials by Mark - The Fred Factor, Up, Down, or SidewaysThe Encore EffectYou don't need a Title to be a Leader, and Fred 2.0.

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