ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

After 1o years experience in the public education system, she was ready for a professional transition. Still excited and passionate about her desire to teach, equip, and empower, she just needed to work with students who were open and beautifully receptive to what she had to offer and share - spiritual growth, healing, and health. Described by her readers and audiences as being “practical and poetic with deep and gentle wisdom,” she has inspired women around the nation to live with clarity of mind and compassionate hearts. Author Jan Lundy is our guest.

 An A-HA! moments Jan shares on the show

  • When your inner life is in order, all areas are healthy;
  • If you pay attention to how you feel, you'll find where your juice is.

Incredibly effective actions she took that powered her ReLaunch! and transition

  • She ventured out;
  • Joined new associations;
  • Attended conferences.

Jan's rock-solid advice for transitioning into a TREMENDOUS second half

  • Trust your inner wisdom.

Two of Jan's five enlightening spiritual growth and development books

Your Truest Self - Embracing the woman you were meant to be and Perfect Love

Jan's complimentary PDF downloadable eBook for the ReLaunch! audience - 12 Essential Practices to be Fully Awake. Here's what you can expect to learn in her eBook - how to steer clear of spiritual amnesia, how to avoid complacency, and how to be alert, aware, and calm. 

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