ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

Of course she was scared. And who could blame her? Two days before Thanksgiving, November 23, 2010, she got a phone call from her doctor that rocked her world: squamous cell carcinoma - cancer of the mouth. But as this Women of Faith and Focus on the Family speaker explains on the show, the level of fear she experienced, surprised even her. Michele Cushatt, writer, speaker, busy mom of six, and cancer survivor, joins us on the show and talks about making peace with an imperfect life.

Says Michele - I allowed worry to become my means of control.

Michele’s Recovery A-HA! Moment

She realized that “What if?” questions were hijacking her life.

Imperfect Places Michele Found Healing

  • In the midst of her cancer fight, she and her husband adopted three at-risk children;
  • She started hanging out with people who were also in a mess;
  • She acknowledged her limits;
  • Michele changed the way she communicated with others and herself.

Michele’s Imperfect Tips

  • Life is precious, don’t wait until tomorrow what you can do now;
  • Work hard on your dream, but don’t forget relationships along the way;
  • Don’t let the fear of tomorrow rob you of life today.

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